Hi Colin, I was the Maintenance Manager and worked with you on some projects.I have recently supplied Roy Issac historical photos of SWS early days for you.
Lyndon Jones

mrs a francis
8/16/2013 03:50:04 am

hi i just saw a photo of my dad he was a boiler man for 25 years till his death in 1977 his name was roy harding he was the most conscientious worker i have ever known ,he kept the boiler room immaculate pictures adorned the walls of his time in the airforce but alas he died from cancer just a few weeks before his 25 year service so he did,nt get to receive his watch my mam was so upset
after all he lived for the switchgear he also went to do the manager
garden at machen i think his name was mr nicolas,my dad is on the right of the photo

mrs a francis
8/19/2013 04:58:45 am

my dads photo is on robert cambell sws maintenance dept his name is roy harding and he is on the right of the photo he lived for the sws thank you very much .


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