Was apprentice in 1969; will keep looking at your site, looks very interesting. all the best

John Palfrey
3/24/2015 12:42:21 am

Joined SWS back in 1969. There for 19 years had some very fond memories. Dad, Wally Palfrey, brother Lyndon Palfrey, uncle Fred Davies and other members of the extended family, Ron Chapman also worked there.
Great times, great memories and made some great friends.
Looking back at some photo's where names are missing. Group 3 you see 'another mystery couple 'Jimmy Jones' with his wife. He worked in the Engineering office under John Spruce. I think he also played the drums in John's Big Band Sound.

John Parry
10/22/2017 09:37:52 am

The photograph taken in the maintenance shop with the Coat Hanger at an angle and the individual standing in the centre is that of my uncle Rhydwyn Parry who worked in Fabrication Inspection. Rhydwyn worked there for many years until ill health got the better and retired.He was involved with the Football Team and Union Secretary. He lived in Aberbargoed but was originally from Maesteg. He served his engineering apprenticeship in the R.A.F. as an Air Craft Fitter later volunteering for the newly formed R.A.F Regament and qualifying as a Commando….assigned to the then Special Forces(SAS). He saw action in Malta ,North Africa, Italy and the Greek Islands…Always smiling and happy………………….. John Parry..British Columbia…...


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